Моральный кодекс

No one's looking out

(Роман Ивасивко , Николай Девлет-Кильдеев )
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A7                                                           Em7
Some people watching you, takes no time at all - and you're gone.
A7                                                       Em7
Somebody takes your name, someone throws you out - all alone

   F                                G
   Strange faces on the streets, I sense no life at all
   F                          G                E
   No human sight to see, I pray for night to fall.

        A7                Em7
      Where are we now - no one's laughing, no ones crying
        A7            Em7
      Where do I go, no one's looking out.

Some things might never change, speeches in the streets - you may burn
The words we're hearing now, someone always says, nothing's wrong

   Ideas come and go, a billion mouth to feed.
   We're hearing empty words but food is what we need.

      The struggling never ends, It just goes on and on
      Black water, lack of air, but then we’ll wonder how
из альбома: «Гибкий стан» (1996)

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