Norah Jones

Man of the Hour

(Norah Jones)
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C  G  C  G  C  G  C  G

Its him or me
               G    G7
That’s what he said
            C      C7
But I can’t choose
                      F        Fm
Between a vegan and a pot-head
           C                   G    G7
So I chose you, because you’re sweet
        C               C7
And you give me lots of lovin’
        F        F#dim
And you eat meat
           C          A7
And that’s how you be-came
D7        G          C   F   C   G7
  My only man of the hour

You never lie
              G     G7
And you don’t cheat
        C              C7
And you don’t have any baggage
             F         Fm
Tied to your four feet
Do I de-serve
          G   G7
To be the one
Who will feed you breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    F               F#dim
And take you to the park at dawn
    C               A7
Oh, will you really be
D7        G7         C   F   C   C7
  My only man of the hour

  F                          C
I know you’ll never bring me flowers
G                      C    C7
Flowers they will only die
    F                         C         A7
And though we’ll never take a shower to-gether
  D7                        G7
I know you’ll never make me cry

Yo-o-o-ou ne-ver ar-gue
               G    G7
You don’t even talk
      C                C7
And I like the way you let me lead you
F              F#dim
 When we go out-side and walk
C               C#dim
Will you really be
D7        G7         C     C#dim
  My only man of the hour?
D7        G7         C     C#dim
  My only man of the hour.
D7        G7         C
  My only man of the hour.

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