Frank Sinatra


(Irving Berlin)
Intro Verse:
 C                    Gdim  G7
Ev'rything went wrong,     and the whole day long,
     Dm7 G7  C     Fdim  G7
And feel so blue.
 C              Gdim  G7
For the longest while,   I'd forgot to smile,
     Dm7 G7  C  C7
Then  I  met you.
 Em          C7              B7
Now that my blue days have passed,
                           Em      Gdim
Now that I've found you at last.

C                           G7                       C
I'll be loving you always, with a love that's true always.
C                    C7      E     
When the things you planned need a helping hand,
B7                E       G7
I will understand always, always.
C                       C7    B7  Bb7   
Days may not be fair always;        
A7                          Dm
That's when I'll be there always.
F6             Dm7-5  C              D9
Not for just an hour, not for just a day,
G7                       C       G7
Not for just a year, but always.

Interlude Verse:
C                    Gdim  G7
Dreams will all come true     growing old with you,
    Dm7   G7   C     Fdim    G7
And time will fly.
C               Gdim  G7
Caring each day more      than the day before,
      Dm7   G7   C     C7
The spring rolls by.
Em             C7             B7
Then when the springtime has gone,
                         Em      Gdim
Then will my love linger on.

Repeat Melody Section
1925 г.

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