Nat King Cole

The Best Man

(Roy Alfred, Fred Wise)
Intro Verse:
   D         D9    Dsus4   D        E        E7/9  E     E7
I guess I've got a heart meant for fooling around with chicks,
       A        G/B    A7          D           Cdim     A7
'Cause in that love department, I know all the ladies' tricks.
      F#7          Bm                        F#7                  Bm
Now I ran across a girl one day, she was as sharp as a girl could be,
      E         Bm7-5     Cdim      E        A         G/B      A7
And I wasn't surprised to hear her say that she really went for me.

    Edim   A7       D      F#m     G           Edim      D
She said I was the best man    who ever knocked on her door;
    Edim   A7      Dalt     D     G           Edim      D
She said I was the best man,  the fella she'd waited for.
     D7             G          Gm            D    Gdim   D
She said I was the best man at dancing, and nobody can deny
Cdim  E      Cdim       A       Bm7-5    A      G/B   Cm7-5 A7
That when it came to romancin' I was the A-plus number one guy.

    Edim     A7       D         F#m      G              Edim      D
But then she met my best friend    and knocked him right off his pins,
    Edim    A7      Dalt    D            G6       Cdim    G6
But still I wasn't worrried,  'cause the best man always wins.
    D7     G          G/F#      D6/9/F#     Em7      
The way it all turned out, there  was   no doubt
            D      F#m     B7  
That I was best man in the end;
Cdim           E7/9             Edim     A7        D
Yes, I was the best man when she married my best friend.

Instrumental interlude: first half of refrain

Repeat Second Half of Refrain

    D7        G5           G6          Fdim      D
So don't you think you're best til you pass the test
         D7         C#m7-5    B7
And you know all the ladies' tricks,
       E7/9       Bm7-5      E7/9      Cdim
'Cause you'll wind up as the best man 
          A        Edim        D
While the other guy gets the chicks.

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