Bruce Springsteen

Adam Raised a Cain

(Bruce Springsteen)
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        Em        Am     Em        Am
In the summer that i was baptized,
           Em     Am        Am  Em
my father held me to his side.
        Em     Am        Em   Am
as they put me to the water,
             Em      Am        Am  Em
he said how on that day i cried

We were prisoners of love,
a love in chains,
He was standing in the door,
I was standing in the rain,
         Am                      B7
with the same hot blood burning in our veins,

Adam raised a Cain
Adam raised a Cain
D Em
Adam raised a Cain
D Em
Adam raised a Cain

All of the old faces,
ask you why you're back.
they fit you with position,
and the keys to your daddy's cadillac

in the darkness of your room
your mother calls you by your true name,
you remember the faces,
the places the names,
you know its never over,
its relentless as the rain,


in the bible Cain slew Able,
And east of Eden Momma he was cast,
you're born into this life paying,
for the sins of someone elses past

daddy worked his whole life,
for nothing but the pain,
now he walkes these empty rooms,
looking for something to blame,
you inherit the sins,
you inherit the pain


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