Jerry Lee Lewis

Play Me A Song I Can Cry To

(Jerry Chesnut)
G               C            G
I set in with a band down in Dallas
D7         C             G
I’d been introduced as a guest
                           C                  G
When a little white haired man approached the bandstand
          C               D7            G
He said I wonder if you’d play one last request

                    C          G
Oh please play me a song I can cry to
D7            C           G
Sad songs are music to my ears
          C          G
Play me a song I can cry to
C         D7                    G
Play me a song that sounds like tears

                  C            G
I stood by as the band started playing
D7                C           G
And I didn’t even try to play along
                         C               G
For my eyes had followed him back to the corner
      A7                         D7
Where he sat down at a table all alone

     G              C               G
Then a smile slowly came across his teardrops
D7                  C                G
And I watched as he slowly bowed his head
                         C                  G
Just before he left this world for one much better
    C                   D7             G
I remembered the little lonely man had said

repeat #2

C         D7                    G
Play me a song that sounds like tears

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