The Rolling Stones

Jump on Top of Me

(Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
I've been working so hard I've been feeling the pain
I got stains in my head my legs feel limp
Don't wanna hear no noise don't wanna hear you curse
I need peace of mind don't you make no fuss

Jump on top of me baby
Jump on top of me baby
        F                  C                      F
Jump on top of me girl and give it to me nice and slow

Well there's too much talk about this and that
And the women think I better feed the cat
We're fresh out of beer could you answer the phone
Would you call this please tell that I'm leaving home


Guitar solo over F and Bb


Well when we first met we were both so young
We didn't give a damn on how the clock would run
But time is right and pics are full of you
Cause it's getting late what would you like to do


I can't stand it when the sun comes up
Gonna need some comfort cause I can't stand up
I'm gonna shut the blimes and gonna shut the shades
And tell the maid mind as well go for the day

из альбома: “You Got Me Rocking” (сингл) (1994)

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