Elvis Presley

And I Love You So

(Don McLean)
G              Am  D7                G
And I Love you so  the people ask me how
Em                  Am   C                   D7
How I've lived till now  I tell them I don't know
G                 Am     D7                  G
I guess they understand  how lonely life has been
Em              Am    C           D7      G
But life began again  the day you took my hand

          Em       A7
And yes I know how lonely life can be
D7                        G
Shadows follow me and the night won't set me free
            Em      A7
But I don't let the evening get me down
D7                       G
Now that you're a-round  me

                Am   D7                         G
And you love me too  your thoughts are just for me
Em                 Am    C                  D7
You set my spirits free  I'm happy that you do
G                   Am     D7               G
The look at life is brief  once the page is read
Em              Am    C       D7   G
All but love is dead  this is my belief

Repeat #2

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