Elvis Presley

True Love Travels on a Gravel Road

(Dallas Frazier, A.L. Owens)
C                     Em
How many girls choose cotton dress worlds
     F                          C
When they could have satins and lace
    E7                                                  F
And stand by her man never once letting shade touch her face
C                          C7
How many hearts could live through all the winters
      F                      C
We've known and still not be cold 
     Em   G7                  C
True love travels on a gravel road

Love is a stranger and hearts are in danger
    F                          C
All through streets paved with gold 
         Em   G7                  C
For true love travels on a gravel road

Down through the years we've had hard times and tears
    F                         C
But they only helped our love grow
          E7                                          F
And we'll stay together no matter how strong the wind blows
C                              C7
Not once have I seen your blue eyes filled with envy
   F                           C
Or stray from the one that you hold 
        Em   G7                  C
Oh true love travels on a gravel road
Repeat #2

          Em   G7                  C    
Yeah true love travels on a gravel road
из альбома: “From Elvis in Memphis” (1969)

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