Elvis Presley

I'm Yours

(Hal Blair, Don Robertson)
          G                                        C
My love I offer to you now my heart and all it can give
            G                    C
For just as long as I live   I’m yours
            G                               C
No arms but yours dear will do my lips will always be true
            G                  C      F
My eyes can see only you   I’m yours

C          C7         F
And as the years roll along
G                               C
Your joy your tears I’ll gladly share
And when things go wrong dear
D7                 G                G7
Just hold out your hand and I’ll be there

           G                           F             C
With every beat of my heart with every breath that I take
           G                     C      F  C
Now and forever sweetheart   I’m yours

repeat #2 spoken 

repeat #3
из альбома: “Pot Luck” (1962)

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