Elvis Presley

In Your Arms

(Aaron Schroeder, Wally Gold)
            G                                   C                         G
Oh, oh, the way that I feel tonight, you better wrap me up good and tight 
In your arms
        G     C7 G
In your arms    
Just like a bee in a honey comb, I'm gonna make myself right at home
In your arms
        G     C7  G
In your arms  
Well, it don't take much to keep me satisfied
Just a  little bit of lovin' that's bonnafide
In your arms keep me tangled up all the time
Just like a kitten with a ball of twine
Yeah baby that's where I want to stay, for the rest of my natural days
In your arms
in your arms
из альбома: “Something for Everybody” (1961)

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