Elvis Presley

There's Always Me

(Don Robertson)
Dm  G
When the evening shadows fall
And you’re wondering who to call,
                  G                  C
For a little company there's always me.

If your great romance should end,
And you're lonesome for a friend,
                        G                   C    Fm C
Darling, your need never be, there's always me.

      C7                  F  D7                        C     G  C
I don't seem to mind somehow   playing second fiddle now,
              G             D                      G      G7
Someday you'll want me dear,  and when that day is here.

Within my arms you'll come to know,
Other loves may come and go,
                     G           E    A
But my love for you will be eternally,
                          Dm G                C   Fm C
Look around and you will see   there's always me. 
из альбома: “Something for Everybody” (1961)

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