Elvis Presley

I'm Counting On You

(Don Robertson)
C                                                  G7
All the words that I'll ever know  still could not say
How much I need you so in every way 
                               C7           F
I go wrong and you guide me as only you can do 
                    C         G7              C
Hold my hands stand beside me I'm counting on you 
                F                              C
I'm counting on you dear from the dawn of each day 
   D7                                           G7
To always come through dear in your kind loving way 
   C                          C7                  F
If you knew just how deeply I feel the things you do 
                  C          G7              C
Then you know how completely I'm counting on you
Repeat #2
из альбома: “Elvis Presley” (1956)

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