Serve the Servants

(Kurt Cobain)
 B7                     E7  
Teenage angst has paid off well 
F#7               E7 
Now I'm bored and old 
B7              E7
Self-appointed judges judge 
 F#7                 E7 
More than they have sold 

If she floats than she is not 
A witch like we had thought 
A down payment on another 
One at Salem's lot 

 A         C#m          A   
Serve the servants, oh no    (x4)
       F#         G        
That legendary divorce is such a bore 

As my bones grew they did hurt 
They hurt really bad 
I tried hard to have a father 
But instead I had a dad 

I just want you to know that I 
Don't hate you anymore 
There is nothing I could say 
That I haven't thought before 

Serve the servants, oh no 
That legendary divorce is such a bore 

B7  x21202
E7  020130
F#7 242322
A   x02220
C#m x46654
F#  244322
G   320003
из альбома: “In Utero” (1993)

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