Maybe I Maybe You

(Klaus Meine, Anoushiravan Rohani)
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H7              Em 
Maybe I, maybe you.
Em                        Am 
Can make we change to the world?
Am       H7        C+G 
Reaching out for a soul,
It's kind of last in the dark.
H7              Em 
Maybe I, maybe you
Em            E7          Am 
Can find the key to the stars,
H7                      C+G 
To catch the spirit of hope,
Am+G      H7            Em 
To say if one hopeless heart.

    H7                  Em 
    You look up to the sky,
    Em                    Am 
    And all us questions remind.
    H7                  C+G 
    All you need is to hear
    Am+G               H7 
    The voice of your heart.
    H7                    Em 
    In the world full of pain
    Em                      Am 
    Someone's calling your name.
    H7                    C+G 
    Why don't we make it true?
  Am+G(C+G)        H7 
    Maybe I, maybe you.  (x3)

H7              Em 
Maybe I, maybe you
Em                     Am 
I'm just dreaming sometimes,
Am       H7            C+G 
But the world would be cold
Am+G                   H7 
Without dream as like you.
H7              Em 
Maybe I, maybe you
Em        E7       Am 
I just soldier of love,
 H7                C+G 
Born to carry the flame,
Am+G         H7           Em 
To bringing light to the dark.


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